What will we do at MYM?

We offer a number of interactive exhibits to enjoy. Check out our Exhibits page to learn more.

 Who can go to MYM?

Our exhibits are geared toward children 10 years old and under, but we welcome the whole family.

What’s going on today?

Visit our Calendar to learn more about our exciting programs and activities.

Why do grownups pay admission too?

Our mission is to provide an environment where curiosity and creativity flourish, while both children and adults learn together through experience. Our exhibits are designed for families to explore together.

 Can adults come in without a child?

For safety reasons, we do not allow adults without children or children without adults. Unaccompanied adults are welcome to a free guided tour with an available staff member.

When are the quietest times at MYM?

The Museum varies from day-to-day. Generally, we do not schedule parties or field trips on weekday afternoons. We recommend calling ahead to check the crowd level.

Where do I park?

90 minute street parking is available for free. We recommend using the Parking Garage located across the street on Washington for $7 all day parking.

Can I leave my children at MYM and go elsewhere?

No, we ask that all children be attended by their grownups at all times while visiting the Museum.

Do you have accessible exhibits and programs?

Yes, we are ADA compliant with a variety of opportunities for children and grownups of all capabilities.

Can I bring a stroller?

Yes, we offer stroller parking at the front of the Museum next to our free storage lockers.

Can I bring food?

We ask that our guests do not bring food or drink into the Museum. Zero waste containers or plastic bottles with water are allowed. We are happy to allow re-entry with your admission receipt.

 How does MYM stay so clean?

MYM is committed to providing a safe, clean environment for our guests and members. We follow best practice standards for keeping our facility in tip-top shape. Our cleaning process consists of:

  • MYM Staff cleans and disinfects all exhibits and interactive items before opening and throughout the day as needed.
  • All cloth items (costumes, stuffed animals, etc…) are machine washed in high temperatures regularly. Other materials are sanitized by hand and run through the dishwasher as needed.
  • Bathroom checks occur every 30 minutes and are cleaned and sanitized as needed.
  • Multiple hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the Museum
  • A professional cleaning crew deep-cleans the Museum every other night


Does MYM offer discounted or free days for families with limited income?

We have an exciting calendar of events and special offers including our monthly $2 Tuesdays. Please refer to our Calendar for details.

Do members get in free?

Yes! Free admission is just one of the great benefits of being an MYM Member. Check out our Membership Page for more information.

Can I donate to MYM?

Yes! As a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization, we happily accept charitable gifts. Click here to donate now.

Are there group rates available for field trips?

Yes, we offer a great rate for school groups and provide information on fun activities for before and after the Museum visit.  To learn more click here.

Does MY Museum donate tickets or memberships?

We are happy to consider a donation request. Due to the large number of requests we receive, we limit our donations to Monterey County nonprofit organizations and schools only. Please send your written requests to info@mymuseum.org or mail to 425 Washington Street, Monterey CA 93940 at least 2 weeks in advance.